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2018.05.14 Shirt dress

Shirt dress (1).jpgタイプライターボリューム2WAYシャツワンピース¥24,000

"I love this sharp and crisp shirt-dress for every occasion. Such a handsome design, yet feminine at the same time."

Shirt dress (2).jpgタイプライターボリューム2WAYシャツワンピース¥24,000

"A perfect dress for a spring and summer because its so easy and effortless."

Shirt dress (3).jpgタイプライターボリューム2WAYシャツワンピース¥24,000

"The buttons allow for some "not-so-conservative" options when you open it up to flash a little skin."

Shirt dress (4).jpgタイプライターボリューム2WAYシャツワンピース¥24,000

"The silver buttons give a nice contrast against this cool navy color. I love the extra flap of fabric on the back (that you often see on traditional trench coats). I highly recommend!"