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2018.02.23 Online vs Store

Online vs Store (1).jpg光沢素材ハイウエストワイドパンツ¥25,000

"Online shopping can be addictive because it's so convenient and you can do it at any hour - instantly. But something about browsing through the rows of clothes in a store... you can feel the fabrics and you can try them on for the perfect size. But also, getting the opinion of the fashionable shop girls, particularly in the case of mimi's shop staff, very fashionable AND super sweet staff! I love visiting the store to see how they've set the store up and also to just chat with the shop girls and possibly even meet some of our customers."

Online vs Store (2).jpg光沢素材ハイウエストワイドパンツ¥25,000

"Pictured here is me at the Core Ginza store wearing a powdering pink spring ensemble."

Online vs Store (3).jpg光沢素材ハイウエストワイドパンツ¥25,000

"I love these satin high waisted, wide pants. Satin and light pink are definite trends of spring."

Online vs Store (4).jpgボウタイ付ブラウス¥18,000

"Here is a look of that same blouse in black. Eyelet details and a removable ribbon at the neck."

Online vs Store (5).jpgボウタイ付ブラウス¥18,000

"I wear this top a lot when when I go out in the evening. I hear it's been sold out so I hope you were able to get one of the colors!"