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2018.02.08 Winter sale

Winter sale (1).jpgモヘヤスパンコールニップルオーバー¥19,000

"Almost of our winter knits have gone on sale but there are still so many cute ones that can still be worn now and thru spring!"

Winter sale (2).jpgモヘヤスパンコールニップルオーバー¥19,000

"Especially this sparkly and light cable knit. There are little shiny beads sewn into the material to create some extra texture to this soft and fluffy white knit."

Winter sale (3).jpgモヘヤスパンコールニップルオーバー¥19,000

『とても軽く、体に沿ってデリケートに落ちるとってもフェミニンな Vネックです。春のルックにも使えて素晴らしい。そしてセールプライスですよ!』
"But it's very light and falls very delicately on your body with a very feminine v-neck - a great look to wear this spring. And you can beat the sale price!"